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Cookiebot compatibility with HubSpot



  • Hi Verity,

    Apologize for late response.

    I don't have experience with HubSpot, but as far as you can add the cookiebot script in the head and add the script for cookie declaration on a page you want to display the list of cookies everything should be fine.

    As far as the marketing cookies, if prior consent is properly set and you have modified scripts that are setting marketing cookies than, yes. If user does not accept the marketing category, he won't be able to see the content that is displayed from these scripts.

    Now, when you say HubSpot cookies I am not sure what exactly you are referring to, because most of the systems have cookies that are necessary in order for the system to work properly. In this case those will load all time no matter what.


  • Simon Stocks

    Hi there.  

    Does anyone have any updates on the integration between CookieBot and Hubspot?  It seems that it should be possible for Hubspot-hosted websites, landing pages and blogs.  I'm currently unsure whether it's possible for Knowledge Base articles though as it's unclear whether it will be possible to add the CookieBot script in the head of the Knowledge Base.  

    Hopefully someone has cracked this by now?

    Fingers crossed and thanks in advance.



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