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Site not working because of cookiebot


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  • Hi Catalin,

    Are you using the Cookiebot WordPress plugin, because the problem might be caused of the plugin?
    As the WordPress plugin was updated during the last few weeks because of some problems with it, I suggest you to update your plugin (if your are using one) and see if the website works properly.
    There was a bug in the previous version of the plugin which is now fixed and everything works just fine. I think that you should remove the old plugin through the ftp in case that you cannot access you admin panel.
    Please also clear the cache of your website and then everything should be fine. You could check more about it in the WordPress community forum  here. 

    In case that the problem is not caused by the plugin, then you could send me your domain so I could check what might went wrong instead of guessing and help you solve the problem afterwards. You could send me your domain here or at if you want.



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