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Cookiebot does not remove cookies (even on



  • Elizabeth Stapel

    In my experience (as a fellow user), once a cookie is set, it's set for that page. Once you change your consent in some manner, the change will be reflected when you go to some other page, and maybe if you refresh the cookie page. I don't think that CookieBot's "consent" dialog does any erasing of cookies; it only changes what cookies will be set from then on.


  • Richard Vencu

    I agree with Mate here, what he reports is true. By withdrawing or unchecking all categories the cookies ARE removed from the client browser. And they are not removed if only one category is unchecked but it should.

    To add more spice, I can also report that the Facebook pixel cookies are stubborn and will not get removed even when complete withdrawal is triggered. But navigating to another page indeed stops them to reload.

    So it may not be such a big problem in the end if legally it is OK to have them removed at navigation time. The personal data on that page was anyway already sent. There is an edge case: if the website is tracking events and you want to remove consent, then click a button or link without being tracked you may still be tracked without your consent unless a page refresh occurs.

    With the advent of all new web applications written in modern forms of javascript it might be that loading a new page does not happen anymore so in that case removing the cookies on demand becomes a must.

    This removal happens automagically by the design of cookiebot. However we still have access as developers to javascript callbacks such as 




    where we can test each option and try to delete the cookies manually if some seems to be undeletable. We might need a way to know which cookies are set for what purpose, test if they were deleted automatically and delete them manually if the automatic way failed. I can think of such fix but... there is not enough documentation available on how to do it easily.

    I suggest to wait for Cookiebot for a reply first, maybe they can fix a bug in their code, if not we might adventure in trying to fix things alone.

  • FocalPoint

    We are seeing the same issue.

    Upon setting the categories for "Necessary", "Preferences" and "Statistics" with Marketing un-checked the Google analytics cookies are loaded, as expected.

    However, If we then remove "Statistics" using the "Cookie Declaration" page the browser continues to show the "_ga" &, "_gid" Cookies as installed.

    The only way to remove them is by opting out from "Preferences" or by using the withdrawing my consent option. Interestingly this is not an issue if "Marketing" is set with "Statistics" and then removed. The issue only appears to be if "Preference" is used. 

    Note:  Even if navigating to another page or refreshing the page the cookies for analytics are not removed after being un-selected. They are removed instantly if "Preferences" are not used or removed as mentioned above.

    This appears to be the same for the setup on  Statistic cookies are only removed if you also remove the checkbox for Preferences or select the "Withdraw your consent" option. 



  • Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter


    The described issue was a bug, which is resolved now.
    Now you need to trigger a flush of the server cache by saving your Cookiebot configuration for this to work. Otherwise it will work automatically after the next scan, when the cache will flush automatically.


  • FocalPoint

    Thanks Elina. New scan started. I’ll check later when I have proper access.


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