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How to accommodate non-EU visitors?



  • Hi Elizabeth,

    As far as I understand you want the non-EU users to have the option to opt-in or opt-out as the EU users do. If that is the case then you can change it by setting who will be asked for consent to "All visitors" in cookiebot admin panel under Dialog tab. The current setting you have for that is "Visitors from EU only" and in that case the non-EU are not asked for consent at all.


  • Elizabeth Stapel

    No; I would like non-EU visitors to be automatically opted in, rather than having to do anything.

    The "Visitors from EU only" setting is what is desired; this is the correct setting.

    Perhaps there are too many "async" things going on, and some script somewhere is hanging. Whatever the issue, it seems now to be sporadic, so I can't do further trouble-shooting. I'll provide an update if/when I can glean further information.

    Thank you!


  • Kenan

    Hi Elizabeth,

    In our YouTube iframe article, we have an example of what you may be looking for.

    Does placing the below code, where you want the message to appear, fix the issue in regards to non-EU citizens? The box will only appear if the user has not accepted preference cookies, regardless of country. Non-EU users are treated as full opt-in (including marketing).

    <div class="cookieconsent-optout-preferences">
    Please <a href="javascript:Cookiebot.renew()">accept preferences-cookies</a> to see this content.

  • Elizabeth Stapel

    I used that coding, but the box is showing up (in place of the widget) when I (in the US, so "outside the EU") surf the pages.

    I am asking how NOT to see that box with the "Please accept preferences-cookies to see this content" when the visitor is coming from outside the EU.

    Thank you.



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