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Site Report reporting incorrect number of URLs



  • Official comment
    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist


    Thank you so much for pitching in Eliz, we really appreciate all the input from our users :)

    Number of pages on a website is indeed a confusing term to most people as many factors are in play.

    We scan all pages that are linked on a website, whether the link is visible to the visitor in their browser or not. If it is part of the HTML on your website, we will pick it up and scan it.

    We will whenever possible avoid duplicate scanning of pages with identical content. This sometimes requires filtering to be configured on our end.

    We do not count every asset request or file call as a page, we only count actual unique accessible urls on your website.  

    To order a scan of your website, log in to the management platform, navigate to cookies and click the blue scan now button.


  • Elizabeth Stapel

    As a fellow user, I was surprised by CookieBot's "page" count, too. But, by "page", they mean "file call". So every image, javascript, hyperlink, etc, seems to count as a "page".

    How does the CookieBot scanner define pages on a website?

    My site only has five-hundred-some actual webpages, but I'm sure CookieBot counted into multiplied thousands!


  • Perfect Recruitment


    I tried clicking the new scan button but it says this isn't available in the trial version. Can you run one manually to see the affect of the changes we have made on the site to reduce the overall page count.


    many thanks

  • Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Perfect Recruitment

    If you are in free trial period and you have current scanning, you can't start the new scan before update your payment methods and of course the current one should be finished otherwise the button will not appear at all. If your trial period is expired, you cannot use manual scan.

    Kind regards 

  • Perfect Recruitment

    There is no scan currently running

  • Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Perfect Recruitment

    Moreover additional scans are not being possible for users on free trial, but we strongly encourage to users to order a price quote. You can see more here:

    Regards, Martin


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