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Screen flicker/second page refresh



  • Hi Laurens,

    This is a strange behavior that needs to be investigated. Could you give me your domain name so I can check out what might went wrong and help you solve this issue afterwards instead of guessing. 
    If you want you can send me the domain at or post it here.

    Regards Spas

  • Hi Laurens,

    On your website line 31 to 40 there is a "Visual Website Optimizier" which seems to causes the <body> element to get an opacity of 0. Thereafter a script "" is setting the opacity to 1. So it flickers. 

    I think that you should change Visual Website Optimizer to set the opacity 1 instead of 0, because in this way both opacity setting will be the same and you would not get a screen flicker on pageload.



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