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Cooikebot shown my partners' cookies as well




  • Hi Fodor,

    There is an update to the scanner, which should fix this problem. You should do a rescan and see if the problem is solved. The new scan can be initiated manually, which is done by clicking the “Scan domain now” button, which you will find in the “Cookies” menu of the Cookiebot Manager.


  • Fodor Elemér

    Hi Elina,

    I have a problem. I can't click to ,,Scan domain now", because it says:

    "There is 0 days left of your free trial.
    Change payment plan to upgrade to a full subscription."


    My problem is that I don't have 100 pages, so my subcription level would be free.


    Waiting for your response,


  • Hi Elemer,

    When you sign up for a Cookiebot account and add your domain(s), the scanner will shortly after start scanning. If the scanner finds 100 subpages or less and only one domain, the domain will automatically continue on a free subscription, but if it finds more than 100 subpages - the subscription will automatically be converted to a 1-month free trial with full functionality.

    It appears that you have been on a free trial which has expired and to continue using Cookiebot will need to add your payment information. For more in depth details please check this article:

    As you believe that your domain has less than 100 pages, but there is a payment message, the reason is that The Cookiebot scanner scans your entire website including all subpages where cookies and tracking technology could be in use or you have more than one domain. Please check also this article:



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