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Error in billing. (SOLVED)




  • Cookiebot support

    Hi Steve,

    Our apologies for not getting back to you any sooner.

    The reason you were billed double is because you have 2 separate Cookiebot accounts and one of your domains has been added on both accounts. You should delete the domain from one of the accounts (or delete the entire account if you do no longer need it). Please see further instructions here: 

    We had already processed the claim you made via PayPal and you should have received a notification via that channel. We have, however, decided to refund you for the one domain since it appears to be an honest mistake. Please note that when you cancel the domain from one of the accounts, you will receive a final invoice as well. Feel free to make a follow-up to your request/ticket if needs be.

  • Steve

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate you fixing the issue. I was getting a little concerned after not having received a response after 11 days. I had originally opened a paypal case which was initially denied but I did just receive notification this morning that you refunded.

    Thank you.


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