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What can prevent the Cookiebot scanner from detecting some cookies?




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    Cookiebot support

    Hello Louis,

    We checked your domain (from the ticket you have submitted to our helpdesk) and no Hotjar cookies are set on your website. You can test this by opening your browser in incognito mode (or private browsing window) and check the web inspector.

    It sometimes happens that users think that certain cookies are being set on their website even if they are not. The reason for this is that you can have third party cookies saved in your browser from visiting other websites. When you then access your own website and a script is loaded from Hotjar (for example) then the browser will show those "old" cookies that are pulled over from the other website(s) you have visited. However, these cookies are not set on your website and therefore do not need to be declared (and are correctly not identified by the Cookiebot scanner as being set on your website). 

    Just for information we have no known instances of not being able to find cookies that are actually set on a website. You can read more about the different types of cookies and tracker that our scanner finds here: 

  • Paola Salviato

    The same thing happened to me, I mean our website still is not fully compliant. What do I need to do, since it seems you have not done it?

  • Louis Chaussé

    Dear Cookiebot Support,

    I don't understand how can't I have Hotjar cookies on my website since I use this software and I have their tracking code on every page of my site... 

  • Louis Chaussé

    Dear Cookiebot Support Team,

    Here's the answer from the Hotjar Support Team:


    Hotjar stores first-party cookies on your visitor's browser, so I'd imagine the cookies should be detected by the tool you are using. For your reference, I have linked an article below that talks about the cookies Hotjar uses.

    Hotjar Cookies


    What do you say?


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