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Auto hide in case cookie exist + others to clarify


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  • Elizabeth Stapel

    While you may regard users in the database as having consented to cookies, I'm not clear on how you are thinking that CookieBot would be aware of this...?

    The tag, <script type="text/plain" data-cookieconsent="statistics,preferences,marketing">, tells CookieBot that the script is okay to run IF the user has accepted statistics, preferences, and marketing cookies. But the user has to interact with the CookieBot script in order for CookieBot to be aware of the user's stated consent. Putting the tag on a script doesn't mean "assume that the user has consented to these categories", but instead means "only allow the script to run IF the user has ALREADY consented directly to CookieBot".

    If you are wanting to have database-listed users not have to interact with the box, (1) you'll need to be able to show that these users have in fact, at some point previously, consented to ads and cookies and (2) you'll probably need to edit something on the back-end of your site or database, to get around CookieBot's check.

    (I'm just another user. I'm not with CookieBot, and I'm not a scripter. This is just my best guess.)


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