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What sort of “help” do “resellers” offer?

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    Our reseller network is very varied and covers individual freelancers, digital/web/design/advertising agencies, hosting companies and more. Some are specialised in Wordpress, Google Tag Manager, Joomla or a different CMS/platform and some do not have a particular specialisation. They offer a variety of services and are free to set their own terms and pricing for this. So, some may charge a fixed fee for the implementation - others might offer it for free or as part of a (paid) package solution.

    We will be updating our official reseller list (which right now holds a very large number of resellers sorted by country) to try and better reflect their specialisations and make it easier for users to know who to contact for help. At the same time, we are also hoping that this community topic will be of help so users can post that they are interested in help from a reseller and describe their setup - and resellers who feel they can help with that can reach out to you here and establish contact. Please see this post for suggestions on what to write:

  • Elizabeth Stapel

    Thank you!



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