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Wordpress Plugin Broke My Site




  • Kenan

    Hi Scott,

    Which version of the plugin are you using? 

    All that the plugin does is to insert uc.js in the <head> section of your site, same as you would have done manually, so this can't be the actual plugins fault. 

    What do you mean by "broke"? Was the product not visible, on the product page? 

    Sure we can look into it. What is your initial support ticket number?

  • Scott Linklater

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the reply. You were correct yes, the product was not visible on the product page but only on mobile. When i discovered it i asked my devs to fix it. They came back and said it was caused by the cookie bot and that they have had to disable it.

    They said they would be happy to talk with you guys to find a solution. I don't have an original support ticket, this is my first contact with you. I couldn't even find a support area other than this???

    Let me know what you need from me to move forward with trying to find a solution to this.

    Many thanks


  • Kenan


    Please look at:

    There are some emails you can reach out to us through there.

    Once you've done that, give me your support ticket number here, and I will be able to check it out.

    Is it somehow possible to create a "demo" site, where you have enabled Cookiebot, and where the products are not showing?

    We wouldn't want you to loose revenue, by adding Cookiebot to your production site, if your devs are certain that this is Cookiebots fault. If so, please include a URL in the ticket.  

  • Scott Linklater

    Oh and at the time it broke last week we were using the latest version. 

  • Kenan

    Scott still waiting for your ticket. If you have created one, please let me know the ticket number, otherwise I'll mark this as solved. Thanks!


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