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Problem to save cookies in Safari



  • Official comment
    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    This issue was caused by multiple event listeners on a custom implementation. It has been solved as a ticket.

    From the ticket correspondence:

    "The first event listener is automatically hooked unto the button due the the use of the id: "CybotCookiebotDialogBodyLevelButtonLevelOptinAllowallSelection" by cc.js. The second is added by the onclick attribute on the script tag.
    Due to an invalid argument being passed, the behavior becomes unpredictable. Different browsers will handle this differently, Chrome is known to be less fussy and try to execute to the best of its ability while other will simple refuse to attempt to execute the function. Hence the different behavior i different browsers."

  • Hi,

    Could you please explain how and where exactly do you call 'Cookiebot.dialog.submitConsent()' function. Usually Cookiebot works on all browsers, including Safari. If you wish you could also share your website so we can take a look at it and help you solve the issue afterwards. 


  • Gverges


    The page is and we added id's in checkboxs in this page and call the function Cookiebot.dialog.submitConsent() when you click the button. Works fine in all browsers except in Safari.

    If you check all checkboxs and click button in safari don't save theses options...



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