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More statistics consents in consents report than new users in GA


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  • Andrea Savojardo CNHi

    Hi QZ, 

    we currently have the same problem and I made this question to Cookiebot support:

    Who is stored on Cookiebot consents report ?

    a) Only new Users that reaches our website for the first time (they do not have yet cookie “CookieConsent” on their browser) or

    b) each Users, including those already send their preferences before ?
    In this case if the same User change, and send, his acceptance preferences 10 times, the report’s total increase of 10, is it correct ?

    They replied:

    If the visitor changes his consent, a new entry is added to the consent log and the consent ID (the stamp) is changed to a new random string and effectively makes the previous choices anonymous, since we cannot determine what the previous consent ID was.

    So the reason why you (and us) have more users on the Cookiebot report is that Cookiebot counts all the users that send their acceptances, not only the new ones.

    Furthermore, we have identified also another problem related to GDPR: you can see it in this post

    Best regards




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