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Cookiebot Implementation broken after uninstalling the Cookiebot WP Plugin



  • Hi,

    I cannot be sure what the exact issue is without seeing the website in question but in case that you have been using the WP plugin and decided to switch to only using the Cookiebot scripts, then I guess you would need to re-scan your domain. 
    When you have removed the plugin and implemented the scripts Cookiebot might consider this as a new installation which need a scan first. Could you please try to re-scan your domain and check if the consent banner will popup. You can initiate a new scan by clicking the “Scan domain now” button, which you will find in the “Cookies” menu of the Cookiebot Manager.

    In case this doesn't help please do not hesitate to write back so we can investigate further and help you solve the issue afterwards. 


  • George McDonald


    thank you for the feedback. I have initiated a re-scan of my domain.

    What I'm confused about at present is that when testing on my LAN (various computers/mobiles, etc.) even after completely flushing browser caches including uninstalling and reinstalling browser instances across multiple machines, I cannot get the consent banner to display. However when testing through some remote computers (different geo locations), I have seen the consent banner display on a couple of occasion in the past 48hrs. Perhaps I have managed to fix the issue with the changes I recently implemented but I find it difficult to verify if the case at present.

    Certainly the feedback from Cookiebot support about their plugin is that it can deposit configurations in the database which are persistent even post uninstallation (not to mention configure options in the database which impose dependencies which in turn can affect other plugins function and vice-versa, jetpack vs cookiebot in my case). When queried about this, the response is that the Cookiebot plugin is 3rd-party developed and there is essentially no support offered, other than to be informed that I'm expected to manually find and delete table entries set by the plugin whilst active on my instance!

    For a paid for subscription it is not good enough!

    For sure the plugin is the easy option to get started but the mess it created in my case is hardly worth the initial time saving.

    My domain is


  • robertbentley

    Cookiebot is a cloud-driven solution that automatically controls cookies and trackers, enabling full GDPR/ePR and CCPA compliance and offering:

    • A highly customizable consent banner to handle consents and give the user the possibility to opt in and out of cookie categories, as required by the GDPR/ePR, CCPA and similar legislations around the world.
    • An automatically generated and updated cookie policy and cookie declaration, with purpose descriptions and categorization of your cookies (Necessary, Statistic, Preferences, Marketing).
    • A Do Not Sell My Personal Information link on the cookie declaration for end-users to opt out of having their data sold to third parties, as required by the CCPA – including the special opt-in banner for sites that have visitors under the age of 16, also in accordance with CCPA.

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