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Real-time tracking in GA no longer works after integration of Google Consent Mode



  • Official comment
    Patrick Gehrs

    Hi all,

    We now have confirmation from Google that the issues regarding Consent Mode have been solved for Google Universal Analytics.

    This means that Consent Mode will now work correctly with Google UA and as a result you should now see an improvement in the detailing of your attribution data.

    Please note that Google Consent Mode will no longer allow for live data to be collected and displayed in Analytics prior to visitor consent however data should be available for historical reporting.

    A fix for minor problems with GCM on GA4 is still being worked on.

  • Mhamilton

    I also reached out to CookieBot yesterday after seeing a big drop due to installing Consent Mode and this is the reply I received, "We are currently working with Google to investigate an issue that cause some customers to miss Analytics data when using Google Consent Mode."

    I've asked about a fix timeframe but no reply at this point. 

  • Dave G

    We seem to be experiencing the same issue. We are certainly getting no Real Time reporting with Google Consent Mode (GCM) enabled. It may even be that the implementation of GCM prevents ALL GA reporting not just real-time...!

    Can either of you let me know is your other tracking has been working ok since enabling GCM?

    We could urgently do with some information.

  • Hi, 

    Cookiebot is currently investigating this issue with Google, as it is an happening right now for everyone using consent mode. You can create a ticket in the helpcenter, so Cookiebot can add you information to the current issue and help you solve it afterwards.


  • Stefanie B

    Thanks, I created a ticket in the helpcenter.

    For some clients the tracking still works, for others no page views have been measured for a few weeks (integrated GCM at the end of November).

  • Stefanie B

    Still no updated feedback from Cookiebot (last was 22 days ago).

    For some clients it seems to work with the Google Consent Mode but for others, the Analytics data dropped completly. 

  • Stefanie B

    The issue regarding Google Consent Mode has been solved indeed.

    There was no feedback yet, which values can still be measured overall after the integration of the consent mode. Is it only the live data which can't be displayed anymore in GA?

    Has anyone else made the experience or have the feeling that some of the data is still not measured cleanly?


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