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Google Analytics data still wrong



  • Finalbion


    We have the same issue. We contacted with our Google provider and they asked us to open an issue with Cookiebot.

    Best regards,


  • Patrick Gehrs

    Hi all,

    There has been an API issue in recent months regarding the Google Consent Mode integration which has caused faulty data in Google Analytics.

    We now have confirmation from Google that the issues regarding Consent Mode have been solved for Google Universal Analytics.

    This means that Consent Mode will now work correctly with Google UA and as a result you should now see an improvement in the detailing of your attribution data.

    Please note that Google Consent Mode will no longer allow for live data to be collected and displayed in Analytics prior to visitor consent however data should be available for historical reporting.

    A fix for minor problems with GCM on GA4 is still being worked on.


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