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If Coockiboot is enabeled my Plugin Slider Revolution (only with Googel Chrome) doesen't work



  • Official comment
    Kasper H.

    Hello Stefan.

     Can you create a ticket in our helpcenter regarding the specific plugin and issue you have?

    We will be able to investigate and detail the specific issue on our end and look for a solution.

  • Stefan


    I already opend 2 Cases but I don't get a answer.

    One case I create today on hour ago

  • Stefan

    Hello I still don't get any answer from the Support ore her in the Forum

    Please can u Help me?

  • Kasper H.

    Hello Stefan.

    Can you provide me with the ticket number of your issue inside our helpcenter? I will go have a look at it then and make sure we investigate.

  • Danilo Desole

    Hello, I got the same issue with slider revolution and cookiebot configured to block cookies automatically. After investigating I figured out that Slider Revolution will store a session cookie only if it loads the Google Fonts. There's an option to disable that, you can download Google Fonts as a separate resource if your theme isn't loading them yet.

    This has solved my issue, hope it solves also yours :)


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