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  • Hey Arjan,

    Could you send the URL and credentials for your site to, so I can check up what went wrong instead of guessing. Probably there is something wrong with how is set the language of the consent banner/dialog, but I want to make sure what is the case and help you fix it afterwards.


  • Hi Arjan,

    The problem was that you have added the Cookiebot script three times, and that is why you have issues with the language. To fix that you should do one of the following things:

    • First, if you want to add Cookiebot manually using the script you must modify it to load the different languages dynamically. See more here:
    • However, the easier solution of the problem is to remove the Cookiebot script and to use the Cookiebot plugin (Activate it) and then set the Auto detected language option of the plugin.
      (You are already added the languages in the cookiebot admin panel and everything is fine there, all you need to do is to remove the manually added script from the head section and to use the Cookiebot plugin.)

    When you are done with implementation of the Cookiebot, please make sure that Google Tag Manager is working properly (if you are using it). You should follow the steps for deployment:



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