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    Hi Gian,

    The problem with Wordpress is all your plugins that are not GDPR compliant. E.g. Google Analytics plugins. 

    In the coming week, we will update Cookiebot with integrations to some of the most popular plugins, and auto-correction of videos. See more at:

    Do note that it is not Cookiebots responsibility to make every single plugin on Wordpress GDPR compliant. The responsibility is on the other plugins themselves. 

    We are hoping that Wordpress will enable functionality for other plugins to get a users consent state, whereby they would be able to only set cookies which the user has consented to:

    So, to sum up everything:

    We will release integrations to other plugins very soon (but not all, as there are thousands of them)

    We are working on getting functionality into WP Core, whereby other plugins can become compliant

    For now, you will have to use the manual approach.



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