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Cookiebot and Wistia Video in popover lightbox


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    Richard van der Velde

    Hi Dave G,

    When you use type="text/plain" you effectively disable the script. The data-cookieconsent attribute is what normally allows the Cookiebot script to reenable it.
    Therefore, when you use data-cookieconsent="ignore", you need to ensure that the type is set to "text/javascript".

    Regarding your questions:

    1. A scan is required to update the config file, however when you manually mark up elements this is respected by the Cookiebot script immediately, and will take precedence over the settings in the config file. 
    2. Cookies in the necessary category will always be set, prior and regardless of consent.
    3. The data-cookieconsent attribute has 4 accepted values: "ignore", "preferences", "statistics", and "marketing. "necessary" isn't a valid value and won't be recognized. There is also no need to mark up scripts as such, since they shouldn't be blocked anyway. The "ignore" value can be assigned to override the auto blocker in cases where a script is being blocked when it shouldn't be.
      Be aware though that this can break dependencies between scripts, set cookies prior consent and have other unexpected results, and shouldn't be used arbitrarily.

    You can indeed create a placeholder which is displayed prior consent. This is described here: 

    Hide and show content based on the visitor's consent – Cookiebot Support


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