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Consent banner only to EU, behaviour of declaration outside of EU




  • Official comment
    Cookiebot support

    Hi Appway,

    Thank you for pointing this out. This was indeed not working as intended - the consent panel should not be shown at all to those users that are not being asked (or offered) to give their consents. It should only be visible to those users who have given a consent and should have the possibility to change or withdraw that consent (as required under GDPR) - and this is how it works now after correcting this. 

  • Appway

    Thanks for clarifying. Actually not having any way to opt-in / opt-out to cookies for NON-EU countries does not seem th ebest solution since everyone will state in his cookie policy that there is always a way to opt-in/opt-out. Otherwise we would need to use a different cookie declaration for NON-EU countries. 

    Ideally there would be a way to consistently manage cookies for users that are not part of NON-EU countries, but it is not as acitvely pushed. So having it in teh cookie policy with all options would be a good solution to us.

  • Ahgjobapplication

    I have noticed following issues with the paid account based on my experience and have not received a proper response as there is no support contact for paid service also.

    Issue as

    • I noticed when automated scan run after sometime it deleted all the old cookies which it has previously list. After running the manual scan again it still didnt detect any more cookies which is not good and give miss-leading information to the website visitor. Not sure why that happened? I had to manually add cookies to the system.
    • If you enable Cookies for EU visitors then you cant call 'CookieConsent.renew()' if user travels ourside EU to change cookie setting <a href="javascript:Cookiebot.renew()">Cookie setting</a>.

    First issue is more critical second issue `CookieConsent.renew()' show work irrespective where site user is

  • Appway

    I agree that 'CookieConsent.renew()' should be able to be called by people outside of EU too.

  • Elizabeth Stapel

    Are you saying that people whose consent (or not) was issued within the EU should retain the same options when they (and their computers) have travelled outside the EU?

    If the rules are set to be different according to whether the site visitor is inside or outside the EU (as determined by IP addresses.), I’m not sure if this retention of EU rules would be possible once the user is using non-EU IPs.

    Maybe the solution would be to use the same “consent” rules for everybody...?


  • Appway

    My suggestion is relevant for cookiebot customers like us, that are using the feature if limiting the countries that see the Consent banner (in our case EU countries). For visitors in the EU the consent banner should be automatically shown as the current behaviour, no change needed. For visitors outside the EU the banner should not be automatically shown as the current behaviour, no change needed. But in case we have visitor from outside the EU going to the Cookie Declaration page we should offer them to change their consent if they actively want to do so. I assume not many people will want to do so, but in case there are any thes should be able to do so. Especially since the Cookie Declaration states that this can be done. In current Cookiebot setup with a limited amount of countries (e.g. the EU) this does not work yet.

  • Appway

    Any feedback on this or anyone else having a similar feedback?

  • Appway

    Any feedback on this?

  • Brenda Robers

    For cookiebot customers like us who use the option of limiting the countries that view the Consent banner (in our case EU nations), my advice is pertinent. The consent banner need to be automatically displayed for visitors from the EU as the default behaviour, with no need for adjustment. Visitors from outside the EU shouldn't immediately see the banner; there is no need to adjust this feature. However, if a visitor from outside the EU arrives at the Cookie Declaration page, we should provide them the option to revoke their agreement if they so choose. I anticipate that few people will want to do this, but if any do, they should be able to. particularly in light of the Cookie Declaration!


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