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    Cookiebot support

    Hello John,

    Unfortunately, the domains disappearing is not a bug in Cookiebot. I say unfortunately, because if it was, we could simply provide a fix for it.

    The problem has to do with browser sessions and arises from either 

    1) several people working on the same account at the same time (for example if you have given other people in your company or a reseller access to the Cookiebot account) or 

    2) the same person working in several browser windows at the same time (same session). 

    For example if you have two browser windows open in the same session and then switch to the affected domain group in one browser and after that save the newly added domain in the other browser window. That way the changes you make in the second browser window will be saved in the first domain group, which is marked as active. This sounds exactly like what you have experienced and would explain why the new domain that you added is there but the old ones are not anymore. This issue with working in multiple browser windows is also described here:

    Unfortunately, there is only one thing to do and that is to add the domains to the account again and be very careful not to work in multiple browser windows at the same time. When you add the domains, they will be scanned again and when the scans are completed, everything should be shown as normal again. The credit card warning is by the way not related to this.

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    John Smith

    Dear Support,

    Indeed that must be what happened, thank you for clarification. I was comparing my settings between the two groups, this is why I had two tabs open.

    I will add the domains again then.

    Kind regards

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    I also noticed same but since then i am careful and only open one windows to add new cookies.

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    Ah, this is a bug - this shouldn't be happening and using "be very careful not to work in multiple browser windows at the same time." is not a valid response as a fix. Please fix this ASAP.

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