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cookiebot breakup my website in chrome


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  • Hi Office Chairs,

    Unfortunately. I could not visit and inspect your website because its "down" and I receive error 404 when I try to visit it. 
    However, in case that some features on your website do not work properly until you accept all cookies, it means that some scripts which are responsibe for your website to work properly have been blocked/hold back by Cookibot. 
    Cookiebot blocks scripts and trackers which set cookies on the site until the user gives appropriate consent.

    Could you please check which cookies/scripts have been set after clicking "accept all" and then you can see that exacly is breaking you website. I guess that there are scripts/plugins which are not loaded until the user accepts all cookies and this is "breaking" your website. But this is how Cookiebot works and you should make sure that no cookies/trackers have been set without users consent. 



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