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  • Hi Grigoryan,

    Could you please tell us if your are using automatic or manual cookie blocking mode, becasue those methods work different with the embeded youtube videos.
    However, its normal that Cookiebot remove the video if the user does not consent to specific cookie category (e.g. marketing), because the video is setting cookies on the website. On the other hand, all videos should be removed if the user does not give consent, not only the video on the main page. 

    Could you please share your domain so we could investigate it and help you solve the issue afterwards. It is possible that the other videos does not set cookies on the website but usually all youtube videos are acting the same. 


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    Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Grigoryan,

     When a website is being scanned, the Cookiebot scanner crawls it looking for all known types of cookies and tracking technology. This includes everything from the most common types of http cookies to much more advanced tracking technology such as ultrasound beacons. Please note that YouTube offers you to serve videos from the alternative domain which is not setting http cookies. Instead the alternative domain is setting persistent "super cookies" in the browser's HTML Locale Storage which also require consent. Please check this example and re-scan you domain and check did you still experience this issue.

    P.S. You could use a placeholder, like an image, to show something from video until the user has consented.


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