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dataLayer pushes working inconsistently




  • Oleg Eremenko

    Same problem here, I've sent a ticket regarding this, the dev team is looking into this.

  • Gunnar Griese

    Hi Oleg,

    Cookiebot support came back to me with the following instructions for a workaround:


    It appears a recent release resulted in events not getting pushed to the dataLayer anymore when using auto blocking and Google Tag Manager. 
    Our developers have been notified and are working on a solution.

    As a temporary work around, you can use this script to manually push events to the dataLayer is consent has been given:

    (function () {
    var CookiebotEventsPushed = false;
    for (i = 0; i < dataLayer.length; i++) { if ( dataLayer[i].event == "cookie_consent_preferences" ||
    dataLayer[i].event == "cookie_consent_statistics" ||
    dataLayer[i].event == "cookie_consent_marketing")
    CookiebotEventsPushed = true;
    } if (!CookiebotEventsPushed && Cookiebot.consented) {
    Cookiebot.consent.preferences && dataLayer.push({ event: "cookie_consent_preferences" });
    Cookiebot.consent.statistics && dataLayer.push({ event: "cookie_consent_statistics" }); && dataLayer.push({ event: "cookie_consent_marketing" });

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