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How to add Cookies not found by the Cookiebot scanner



  • Hi Melanie Lelaure,

    After scanning the website Cookiebot would return a list of cookies which have been found on the wesbite. Afterwards Cookiebot would automatically classify already known cookies and leave as 'unclassified' those which are unknown. Than you should manually classify the unclassified cookies into appropriate categories.
    Please check following article:

    However, there are two 'types' of cookies listed on the domain: DISCOVERED COOKIES and SELF DECLARED COOKIES where you could declare cookies.
    You could self declare cookies from the Cookiebot account manager under 'Cookies' then click 'Add Cookie'. You would be redirected to the self declared cookies section where you should add the cookie and its corresponding information.


  • Melanie

    Thanks Spas for your help.


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