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  • Tommy Thomas

    I just spent a ton of time getting a website ADA Compliant using Wordpress, Premium Theme and using no AI Overlay.  I installed this plugin to satisfy this other thing, got signed up and now I see that the plugin is giving me errors... not cool! We need these items fixed ASAP, at least the basics:

    FORM LABELS ARE PRESENT BUT EMPTY x8 errors in standard install.


    What It Means

    A form label is present, but does not contain any content.

    Why It Matters

    A <label> element that is associated to a form control but does not contain text will not present any information about the form control to the user.

    How to Fix It

    Ensure that the form label contains text that describes the function of the associated form control. Labels are not required for image, submit, reset, button, or hidden form controls. If a label is not necessary visually, a descriptive title attribute may be added to the form control.


  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi Tommy

    These labels should all be marked up with aria-hidden='true' and will not present an issue with assistive technology. 

    Björn, we have a longer dialog going in the ticket you logged, I will be sure to follow up with you.


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