Different blocking in different browsers (notably IE Edge Non-Chromium)



  • Hi Mediacoding,

    After investigating your domain on different browsers it looks like to me that the loading issue does not come from Cookiebot script. The main cookiebot script is initially loaded into the head tag of your website and consent banner is displayed correctly. 
    However, on Internet Explored and Edge the banner is displayed and then immediately hidden from the loading screen. Could you please try to investigate which script prevents your website from loadig properly on IE and Edge browsers. You could also disable/remove Cookiebot in order to test the loading behaviour on your website without it. 


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    Dear Spas

    Thank you for your feedback. After investigating your observations, I can see that CookieBot indeed is being loaded but hidden.
    However, our main issue is that our primary javascript (scripts.js, which handles the overlay) is being blocked from running.
    I added a "console.log('scripts.js');" to the beginning of the script (https://www.kkiosk.ch/layout/js/scripts.js) which should write into the console – but this doesn't happen in Edge 18 or IE 11, but on the other browsers the console.log is written. Thus we conclude that it's being blocked by CookieBot despite being declared as data-cookieconsent="ignore".


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