Why is async loading needed in manual mode?


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  • Hi Ulrich,

    When you are using auto blocking mode Cookiebot automatically detect and blocks/holds back all scripts and trackers and prevent them from loading (setting cookies) on the site before user gives consent. So basically, you could use both async and non-async loading type.
    However, when you are using manual blocking mode Cookiebot blocks/holds back only those scripts and trackers which are already assigned to specific cookies category and have data-cookieconsent="" attribute applied to cookie-setting scripts.
    The async loading is preferred in manual blocking mode because then the Cookiebot script is completely independent and it means that the page doesn’t wait for async scripts, the contents are processed and displayed. Also the script should not wait the whole page rendering (it doesn't execute when the DOM is ready). 
    Async scripts are great for integration of an independent third-party script into the page, such as Cookiebot, as they don’t depend on other scripts, and other scripts shouldn’t wait for them.


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