Is anyone using Cookiebot for CCPA?


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  • Hi marshall,

    There are two ways to use a Cookiebot banner for CCPA. 
    The first option is to show the consent banner automatically (immediately) when the user visits the website and provide the user a choice whether to opt in or opt out, before any cookies are set and any tracking executed.
    The second option is to decide not to show the consent banner. This means that all visitors automatically opt in to the cookies and tracking on your website. You will instead need to point to your privacy policy (With the Cookiebot cookie declaration embedded) to offer an opt-out option and provide required information through our cookie declaration.

    This must be configured from the checkbox next to "Display banner" in the Cookiebot account manager. For more detailed information please check the following article:

    If you choose the "Do Not Sell (Opt-in)" type banner, the banner will not be displayed by default. Then you could display the banner by creating a custom button or link that executes and show the banner. The CookieDeclaration itself also provides links that allow renewal or withdrawal of previous consent.


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