Cookiebot script blocks navigation on mobile / responsive design



  • Hi Florian Seidenschwarz,

    After inspecting your website I could see that the navigation menu is working fine if you accept all cookies. 
    However, the issue you have described above is caused because Cookiebot blocks/holds back the mobile navigation menu script from loading until the user accept appropriate consent. In your case the mobile menu is not working if the user does not accept "statistics" cookies category. 
    As a solution I would suggest you to find the script which is responsible for the navigation menu and add data-cookieconsent="ignore" attribute to the script-tag if it does not set personal cookies. By doing this you will prevent Cookiebot from blocking this script until giving consent. 


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    Florian Seidenschwarz

    Hi Spas,

    thank you very much for the quick and helpful reply. Unfortunately i can't find the responsible script in the CMS resp. on the server, because i'm not familiar with CMS and web programming.

    But as a workaround i suggest the users to accept cookies in the text within the cookie banner. Not perfect, but good enough for my site.


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