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  • Hi Luis,

    After visiting your website mentioned above I could see that you have been using a very unusual method of implementing the CookieDeclaration script:

    <div data-epi-block-id="71352" id="HtmlBlock_71352" data-props="{
    "html": "<a href=\"javascript:CookieConsent.renew();\">Change your consent</a><br><br>\n\nDECLARATION:<br>\n<script id=\"CookieDeclaration\" src=\"\" type=\"text/javascript\" async></script>",
    "contentLink": "71352",
    "isEditMode": false,
    "editAttributes": ""

    However, this method does indeed add the script tag to the page, but doesn't actually load the script. And that is why the CookieDeclaration is not displayed on the page. So we would recommend just adding the script inline as you normally would, just add:
    <a href="javascript:CookieConsent.renew();">Change your consent</a>
    <script id="CookieDeclaration" src="" type="text/javascript" async=""></script>


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