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Recommendation to move from manual to automatic, how do you do it with Google Tag Manager (|GTM)




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    Kasper H.

    Hello Dan

    Website Builders (like Wix, Shopify, etc) add their own native scripts to the page before any of your own content is added, including third party scripts like Cookiebot. This means that by the time the Cookiebot script loads, cookies or similar trackers will potentially already have been set.

    To avoid tracking by the Website Builder's native scripts prior consent, you would have to mark them up. Unfortunately these scripts aren't accessible to you, making this impossible.

    This makes achieving full GDPR compliance impossible for Website Builder users.


    We encourage users to contact the companies behind their Website Builders and ask them to reach out to us, so we can work together on finding a solution that allows the blocking of tracking from native scripts prior consent.

  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi Dan,

    In case that you have already implemented Google Tag Manager on your Wix website, all you need to do is to configure Cookiebot to work with GTM. If not please follow this guide, how to add GTM to Wix:

    In order to implement automatic cookie blocking mode with GTM, you should make sure that the Cookiebot script is not executed by Google Tag Manager. So either remove the Cookie Consent tag or it's trigger. 
    Then follow this steps:

    1. Add GTM as the very first script to load on your website's head tag.
    2. Mark the GTM script tag with: data-cookieconsent="ignore" (this will ensure that Google Tag manager will always be allowed load)
    3. Insert the Cookiebot script with automatic cookie blocking immediately after Google Tag Manager script.

    Then in your Google Tag Manager, to control your tags, implement a trigger for each of the three categories. You could do that by selecting Triggers from the menu, then click New and choose Custom Event, under event name for each of the categories, enter the corresponding value:
    preferences - cookies_consent_preferences
    statistics - cookies_consent_statistics
    marketing - cookies_consent_marketing

    At the end make sure that all custom events are checked under This trigger fires on 
    You could find more information following this link:


  • Dan Lambourne

    As far as I can tell Wix doesn't let you change the order of loading of its integrations, nor be able to add the data-cookieconsent="ignore" tag.  Everything appears to be added automatically.

  • sanjana

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