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Understanding consent statistics




  • Marketing WBS

    I have a closely related question to add and can answer both your questions:

    1. I think you are correct and believe I have read this in multiple sources. Also, a user ignoring the cookie banner (when it's set to explicit consent) will have his cookies blocked and thus not be seen in Google Analytics.

    2. The reseller CookieInfo says here that when a user opts out of even one category he'll be regarded an 'opt-out' user: WRONG, EITHER MIS-QUOTED OR EDITED, SEE MY POST BELOW!

    The logical follow-up question would now be: Do the statistics for any given day show only new opt-ins and opt-outs (opt-ins/outs on that day) or also users which have at some point before opted in or out and then visited the site on that day again? I have asked Cookiebot support about this, but not received an answer. :/

  • Martin Iv. – vConnect


     Thank you, both answers that you provided are correct. Regarding your question, the answer would be - statistic for any given day show opt-in/out only once, not each time when the users revisits the site. 

    Kind regards


  • Marketing WBS

    I just got a reply from Cookiebot support regarding consent statistics.

    2. Rune said: "Users allowing some or all cookie categories are counted as opt-in. Users choosing only necessary cookies opt-out." That means it's the other way around than I said. I see CookieInfo's post was edited, so I don't know if I've mis-quoted them or they had it wrong before. Anyway, the way Rune says it makes sense, since the opt-in category shows a total and then individual values for each clickable category, which are either as large as the total or a little smaller.

    Regarding my follow-up question, Rune has confirmed what Martin above me has said: "When using explicit consent, only users who have made an active choice are counted. Re-visits are not counted. Users that do not make any choice (leave the banner displayed) are not counted."

    Thanks everyone!

  • Filip Tepsic

    This is still very weird.

    We don't have a single cookie under the "preferences" category, yet it continues to count up opt in numbers there as if we had.

  • Kasper H.

    Hello Filip.

    Whenever a customer accepts all cookies, they accept all the categories available.

    Even if you do not have any preference type cookies, the category is still enabled, as all the 5 categories are always made available to choose from.

    This is to make sure that the level of compliance is correct for the GDPR and many of the other data protection agencies in the world. It is necessary to have all the categories and therefore you can see them in the report.


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