Changing bulk consent local storage cookie from "preferences" category to "necessary"



  • Hi Rait,

    The Bulk consent cookie category is not hardcoded and it could be changed and assigned to different category. 
    However, you would still need to accept preferences to enable bulk consent, so changing the category does not achieve anything.
    This is how Cookiesbot's bulk consent works, the website users have to opt-in to "preferences" cookies. I was also thinking that changing the bulk consent cookie from "preferences" to "necessary" would allow users not to give consent for every subdomain, but this is not possible.



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    Christian Walter

    Hi Spas,

    from the perspective of our legal department the bulk consent cookie CookieConsentBulkSetting-# should be change from the "preferences" category to "necessary."

    As you mentioned when I do it in the backend it have no effect.

    What is the reason why you classify it as preference?

    Could you open a feature request to give the possibilty to change it to necessary?

    Regards, Christian

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