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No advertising shown after IAB v2 release




  • Official comment
    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Thank you all for your comments and follow-ups on this. 

    As the IAB has now extended the deadline for vendors to comply with TCF version 2 until the 15th of August 2020 we have introduced the option to keep using the v1.1 integration with our banners. To do so you must use the value "IAB1" in the Cookiebot tag-attribute 'data-framework' Please see more in our guide.

  • Hi Just Vervaart,

    As of May 1st, 2020 IAB Consent Framework is updated and migrated from v.1.1 to v.2.0. and since the two versions are are incompatible, all users will automatically be asked for new consent when entering the site for the first time after the transition.
    After inspecting you website I could not see anything wrong with Cookiebot. Could you please check if the advertising on your website are blocked/hold back by Cookiebot because if the given consent.



  • Just Vervaart

    Hi Spas,

    i have given full consent, does not seem to matter. 

    I do see this error in the console. Could that explain? 

    Uncaught TypeError: window.__cmp is not a function
    at checkConsent (body.bundle.min.js?v=
    at body.bundle.min.js?v=
    at CookieControl.Cookie.triggerOnloadEvents (uc.js?cbid=e172c707-3e5f-4be4-b4bf-54d83082a12d&framework=IAB:1)
    at uc.js?cbid=e172c707-3e5f-4be4-b4bf-54d83082a12d&framework=IAB:1



  • Hi Just Vervaart,

    Thank you for the reply and sharing the error. I think that the problem comes from the "__cmp" command.
    Uncaught TypeError: window.__cmp is not a function
    This command "__cmp" is no longer supported and that is why you have been experienced the above described error. You could find more about this, at the end of the article here:
    As of May 1st, 2020, IAB TCF v1.1 (using command "__cmp") is no longer supported. Vendors can use TCF v2.0 (command "__tcfapi"). This means that vendors can read out the user's consent state from the tcData object and string when Cookiebot is loaded and exposes the stub function "__tcfapi".


  • Per Lambæk

    Seeing how some vendors might not be ready for v2.0 yet, surely you could provide a method to switch back to 1.1 until they are ready?

  • Shane Landry

    Yes, I would second this.  A fallback to support 1.1 would be nice considering it affects our revenue - not just theirs.  

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Dear everyone following this thread. Please see the updated official comment below the original post above. Thanks for your patience on this.

  • Matthew Lombardi

    Hi guys. So this just happened to us too. All of a sudden, all of our ads stopped displaying. When running a DFP debug, we saw that Google was looking for the consent string but never received it and just stopped the script. When I changed data-framework from "IAB" to "IAB1" it fixed the issue.

    Is this a known issue that will be fixed before 8/15? We obviously want to be compliant but we can't have no ads on our site. Thanks.


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