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  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi Nicolas,

    Regarding your first question, firing trigger - “cookie_consent_marketing” and “All Pages” will probably work, but keep in mind that "All Pages" is redundant and can just be replaced by the Cookiebot event.
    For scroll depth, you would want to change "This trigger fires on" from "All Pages" to "Some Pages".
    If you have Cookiebot variable template, you could then add "Cookie consent contains Marketing" under "Fire this trigger when an Event occurs and all of these conditions are true"

    About the second and third questions, you could use domain group and then activate Bulk Consent in order to control multiple domains from one account. By enabling the Bulk Consent feature, your users will only be prompted for a consent the first time they visit any one of your websites.

    Regarding the fourth question, you would need to configure both GTM containers, and since those containers are separate and can't exchange data.



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