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How can a reseller remove a retail customer?



  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi Periklis,

    Cookiebot understands that customers may change their agency or for other reasons not want a particular reseller to be able to access their configuration anymore and therefore end their relationship.
    Unfortunately, right now the functionality to remove a retail customer is not supported in the Manager interface on the reseller account, but from Cookiebot are working on it. Until that you could always reach out the cookiesbot support team at and they will help you achieve your goal.


  • Periklis Drampis

    Thank you for the answer Spas.

    I have already contacted cookiebot support for the issue because we have customers such as financial institutions that have very strict security policies. Even though there are no personal data we can have access to via the customer's account it is really hard to explain to them that a third party will be able to access the account even after our contract has ended.

    I hope that even by opening a issue to the cookiebot support this is something that can be achieved.




  • Periklis Drampis

    I received communication from Cookiebot support and even if it isn't possible for the resellers to remove a customer (for now), it can still be done by opening a support ticket. Would be great if the Cookiebot documentation got updated with this information.


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