Cookiebot blocks every script on website



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    Neetu Dave


    The issue discussed in this ticket, has returned back for us. Is anybody else facing the same problem? All our js files are getting blocked by Cookiebot since Monday 25-05, although we haven't made any changes to our Cookiebot implementation. This has caused major disruption with most of our online forms and functionalities.



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    Henrik Bayer Nielsen

    This is also still happening for us.

    We have 20 websites running Cookiebot in auto blocking mode that periodically experience this issue.

    It's a MAJOR issue, making sites completely unusuable in some cases and absolutely not something that we can rely on.

    It seems random if Cookiebot decides to block for window.addEventListener('load', ...) and document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', ...) except in Internet Explorer where it doesn't work at all........


    It's one thing if your product doesn't work. But the fact that you actually break websites with your updates is unacceptable. Who's going to pay for that downtime? Do we need to implement javascript uptime monitors or when do you plan to get this fixed?

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