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Cookiebot blocks every script on website



  • Neetu Dave


    The issue discussed in this ticket, has returned back for us. Is anybody else facing the same problem? All our js files are getting blocked by Cookiebot since Monday 25-05, although we haven't made any changes to our Cookiebot implementation. This has caused major disruption with most of our online forms and functionalities.



  • Henrik Bayer Nielsen

    This is also still happening for us.

    We have 20 websites running Cookiebot in auto blocking mode that periodically experience this issue.

    It's a MAJOR issue, making sites completely unusuable in some cases and absolutely not something that we can rely on.

    It seems random if Cookiebot decides to block for window.addEventListener('load', ...) and document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', ...) except in Internet Explorer where it doesn't work at all........


    It's one thing if your product doesn't work. But the fact that you actually break websites with your updates is unacceptable. Who's going to pay for that downtime? Do we need to implement javascript uptime monitors or when do you plan to get this fixed?

  • Begoña Alvarez de la Cruz

    Is it possible that this issue is back? We use svelte/sapper and I just realized that cookiebot is blocking the entire svelte/sapper client build, because it is marking the script as "statistics" for some reason:

    <script src="/client/foo-bar-ID/main.js" type="text/plain" data-cookieconsent="statistics"></script>. 

    How can I solve this? I cannot edit the way the framework injects the client main.js, so I need a way to prevent cookiebot from marking this as statistics.

    Please help, this is VERY important as the entire website is totally broken (it simply doesnt load) because of this issue for every single newcomer. 

  • Daniel Lundahl

    Hello! I think this issue is back since it is blocking my local script to run, even though it doesn't create any cookies. 

  • Paul

    We have the same issue. In auto mode, scripts are blocked even if they do not set cookies.

  • Adam Jory

    Has this issue resurfaced? It's affecting our site. If the user selects only strictly necessary cookies, many parts of the site are just not shown. This wasn't an issue went we went live with the site earlier this year. Just under half of our users select this option and the impact has been noticed by the business. Please can someone look into this urgently.

  • Sub

    We discovered the same problem today on a major site. Exactly same issue as described above.

    We need this fixed asap.


  • it

    We also run into the described problem.


    First thought was that our listeners behave weirdly due to re-initialization (uc.js loads our main javascript a second time (ticket 74150) ) but even when preventing that from happening the error still persist.


    Anyone found a workaround yet?


  • Mel

    Happening on a number of sites for us too - media being blocked from loading in and animations not running.

  • Chris

    We believe we are seeing this same behaviour as well. For us, this issue can even block our payment process.

  • SMOL

    I have the same issue on 3 Drupal CMS websites : Cookiebot just breaks the whole website by disabling all javascripts (event when it's not cookie or tracking related).

    This is a major deal-breaker.

  • Sven Reichert

    Same here - CookieBot blocks drupal scripts, blocks jquery and custom local storage rules from our own scripts. That's not how a Cookieblocker should work.

    What is the Solution for this?

    If there's no Solution within the next Days, we'll move on to another Cookie Consent Provider.

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi all,

    Cookiebot will block any script that cause non-consented cookies to be loaded. This includes scripts loading other scripts causing these cookies to be set, or otherwise initiating tracking. 

    First step is always to check your scan report and find the blocked script details to understand why this was blocked. 

    You will sometimes find that you may need to separate some bundled scripts or introduce the use of manual control over some of your scripts. If something is blocked in error, please contact our support team directly and we would be happy to take a look and discuss your findings.

  • Sven Reichert

    Hi there,

    thanks for the quick response.

    I think i'm going to try the manual implementation now and see if this works well.

    The auto-blocking feature blocks really everything on our Site many parts which won't show up under Cookies after Scanning.

  • Stacie

    We are facing same issue of js blocking during dom copy settings from another site

    But If we choose to create the dom copying settings from another site, it blocks all JS on page, causing some errors at our customer's domain (www.outdoorbasketballshop .com). Since yesterday, all js scripts are giving some errors on dom copying.but on single site its working fine.


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