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Cookiebot dialog is sometimes not scaled correctly (mobile)



  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi Moritz,

    After inspecting Cookiebot consent dialog on your website and also other website under various mobile devices (screen resolutions and operating systems) and responsive inspectors I could not reproduce the above described problem. 
    In case that there are no JS errors in the console and the problem does not occur every time I guess that this could be a issue related with the iOS simulator. 
    Please contact us if your experience the issue again using a mobile device so we could investigate the problem in real environment. However, I could say that the cookie consent banner is responsive and could scale on different mobile devices. 


  • Dalibor Hrtánek

    Hi Moritz,

    We were facing the same issue in our implementation when we were testing the CookieBot in staging environment.

    The problem was that the staging environment was only accessible via basic HTTP authorization (username+password) and on some iOs devices with Safari browser, the client was prompted to insert the basic auth credentials twice. After first credentials submit attempt, the page rendered only the content of CookieBot in narrow column on the left side of the page, without content of the actual page and prompted to insert credentials again. After logging into the bacis auth for the second time, the CookieBot modal window stayed stuck in the top left corner and was very small.

    But once we published our implementation to live environment (without basic HTTP auth), everything worked fine and we are not seing this issue on iOs devices anymore.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


  • Paweł Golonko


    I came across the same issue. Our site is built on Angular and is using manual blocking, since there was some problems with automatic blocking mode breaking our SSR. My guess is that Cookiebot starts building dialog before page is fully rendered and it's trying to scale it down to the body width, that is actually 0px at this point.

    It can be temporarly fixed by adding to the CSS file:

    #CybotCookiebotDialog {
        transform: none !important

  • Andreas Larssen

    Check this out:

  • asad ansswer

    Consent Management Platform reviews and ratings of ... A totally fashionable way to controlling website cookies and scaling future use of ... Cookiebot additionally permits service admins and development teams to offer a consent conversation every time ... Cookiebot is not so well perfect for teams that manipulate inner only


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