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SameSite Chrome 80 - can we get problems?




  • Official comment
    Kasper H.

    Hello Manuel.

    Thank you for the post.

    I would recommend adding a support ticket, providing us with a detailed description of the issue you are having and providing us with the domain name with the specific issue.

    If you already have a ticket in our system, you can provide me with the ticket ID and I will follow up on the issue.

  • Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Christian,

    That shouldn't affect Cookiebot, we do not expect and problems. We already have users that updated to Chrome
    80 and everything it's completely fine. 
    Please notice here, if you find something that bother you in future.

    Kind Regards  

  • Manuel Vera

    Hello, I have some problems with cookiebot in chrome. The webs breaks before accepting all the cookies and this thing only happens with chrome.


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