Safari & Edge bulk consent behaviour


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  • Hi Stefan,

    It's difficult to say what exactly is the problem with so little information about the above described issue, but there are a few things which might cause the issue.
    Since it works on some browsers, we would say that the settings in the Manager are not the cause of the issue. Could you please check if the CookieConsentBulkSetting-00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 item is added to Local Storage. The value should show which domains the bulk consent applies to.
    In case that it isn't present, we suspect this is a browser setting. Safari especially is known to have very strict default settings.
    The other reason for this issue could be because you have enabled "Do Not Track" (DNT) on the browser - then bulk consent will not work/track the user across domains, which is by design. 
    Please check if you have CookieConsentBulkSetting added to local storage or if the "Do Not Track" (DNT) is enabled on the browser.


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