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Cookiebot logo missing



  • Pieter Daveloose

    I have the same issue on multiple websites.

    The <img>-src is just empty (id="CybotCookiebotDialogPoweredbyImage"). 

  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter


    This is unusual Cookiebot behavior which could be caused by a few things, such as another script conflicts or overwritten CSS styles.
    Before investigating the missing logo case further more, could you please first try to update your banners by making a small change and saving it, because this could solve the issue.

    If this does not work, could you please investigate the banner using the browser inspector and check if there is any JS errors in the console or some overwritten styles regarding the logo image. 
    If you would like you could share your domain name so we could also investigate the website and help you solve the issue afterwards instead of guessing. 


  • Pieter Daveloose


    Re-saving did indeed help fix the default logo.
    But the image used for the dropdown (more/less details) is still empty.

    You can check it out on:

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi Pieter 

    Thank you for following up on this. This looks to be something our development team will have to fix so I have forwarded them a bug report. We hope to have this resolved soon.


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