User Status not working properly using a Custom Multilevel Dialog



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    Hi Leon,

    I think this has to do with your custom JS in combination with the default settings you are using in the back end and thus not updating the status of your cookie settings, even if the cookie itself is showing the right settings:

    CookieConsentDialog.prechecked.preferences = true;
    CookieConsentDialog.prechecked.statistics = true; = true;


    Have a look at our site, we also have a custom banner and it is reflecting the right settings in the banner and declaration: 

    If you assign us as your Cookiebot partner we could have deeper look in the source of the banner code.




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    Leon Korteweg

    Thanks for your help Ruud! I compared our solution to yours and did not find much difference in our markup.

    In the end I was able to solve it. Here's how:

    1. Log into cookiebot
    2. Under 'dialog' switch the template setting to 'Top'
    3. Set the 'type' setting to 'Multilevel' (in our account this was set to 'Accept / Decline')
    4. Hit save
    5. Set the 'template' setting back to 'Custom'
    6. Hit save again

    I hope this will save somebody else some time :) 

    Kind regards,

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