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Cookiebot and Google Maps



  • Felix

    I can confirm this issue.

    Maps are included via iframes, 3rd party cookies are set.

    Scan report lists only the "necessary" cookiebot cookie.


    This resulted in a very angry customer that accused me of lying due to saying that we'd need Cookiebot due to his Google Maps integration. 

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hello Timo and Felix

    We have recently seen changes in implementations where Google Maps no longer sets cookies.

    This could be the reason they are not picked up by our scanner, but this is too important an issue for guessing so I would very much like to have a closer look at this. 

    I will get back to you both via email on Monday.

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi again


    After looking into these two instances we can conclude that it is as expected. No cookies are being set by Google Maps on the two sites.
    It's important to know that if you check your cookies in your regular browser, you may see cookies previously set on other sites show up if they match the domain name.

    This means that, if you clear your cookies entirely, go to and then continue to a site using Google Maps, you will see cookies from Google in your browser even on that site, as your browser will match the domain from the Google Maps iframe to the domain where the cookies were originally set.

    To test whether cookies are set in your browser or not, you must use incognito mode to make sure no existing cookies are being shown due to matching domain names.

  • Felix


    thanks for checking that.

    Seems like the iframe behaviour has changed with the Cookie regulation.

    So, my bad for not keeping up with that. 

  • renate


    instead of Cookies, Google Map is using some other channel to collect data.

    Looking at "Sources", I can see various connections to Google Server.

    Is it possible to avoid this with Cookiebot?
    Or is it planed to do that?

    Tanks a lot for your answer.



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