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Change to the cookiebot script on Nov 22?


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  • Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi Peter,

    For your issue we can suggest you adding an extra condition on the trigger to exclude refreshes:

    If a tag is configured to trigger off pageview AND cookie_consent_statistics, then the tag will fire on every page load if consent has been submitted (including refresh).

    We can add a condition though to detect if there indeed has been a navigation, or a refresh:

    Add a custom variable (name it pageReloaded) with this value:

     function() { return performance.navigation.type != 1; } (this should return false if the page isn't refreshed)

    Add a new "and" condition to the trigger: pageReloaded - equals - false

    Regarding the changelog – Currently we do record a configuration change log but that it is not yet exposed in the user interface so there is no a public changelog on which you can subscribe.




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