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  • Hi Ievanier,

    This issue could be caused from wrong Cookiebot implementation, for more details please check the base implementation guide and read the following article:

    However, you should use one of the following, no both, either Cookiebot script or the Cookiebot plugin. Also you should make sure that you have been added the main cookiebot script as a very first element into the HEAD tag of your website (not into the header). This way you could also prevent cookiebot script to conflict with other scripts/plugins. As another solution I would suggest to move other script into the footer if possible. 
    I would also suggest you to use the WordPress plugin for Cookiebot because it provides you easily to control and implement Cookiebot on wordpress site.

    Please make sure that you have integrate Cookiebot correctly on your site and check the above mentioned information. In case that you still experience some issues please do not hesitate to contact us back so we could help you solve the issue. 


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