Issue: Vimeo playback blocked, but no Cookies detected


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  • Hi Liebchen, 

    The reason why the auto blocking mode does not display Vimeo videos is that those elements are setting cookies on the site and therefore they have been hold on (not displayed) until the consent is given. When consent is given and cookies have been allowed those elements are displayed on the website. This is how auto blocking mode works, it hold/blocks all elements which are setting cookies on the website until those cookies have been allowed.
    For more detailed information please check this article:

    However, the issue with the marketing cookies was caused by a general rule that all tags/videos coming from Vimeo required prior consent (allowing marketing cookies). That is why the visitors needed to accept marketing cookies even there are no such cookies.
    But this is no longer the case, because this rule has been removed from the released of a new consent service version. Please re-scan you domain and check if you still experience this issue. 


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