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Vimeo Cookies with Cookiebot Wordpress Plugin



  • Hi Roel,

    The issue with the Vimeo cookies was caused by a general rule that all tags/videos coming from Vimeo required prior consent (allowing marketing cookies). That is why the visitors needed to accept marketing cookies even there are no such cookies (cookies are not classified as marketing).
    However, could you please confirm that you are still experiencing this problem because it is no longer the case, since this rule has been removed from the released of a new consent service version. Please re-scan you domain and check if you still experience this issue. 

    If you are still experiencing the issue, could you please check if the cookies are being set before or only after giving a consent, because this is important to know. Also could you please tell me if all cookies coming from Vimeo are properly classified.


  • Jonas Bergert

    Hi Spas,

    I am experiencing the same problem. I re-scanned the website but Vimeo is still setting cookies even though Cookiebot should block it and even though I added the do-not-track parameter to the Vimeo iframe. Any idea what to do? I'm talking about

    Kind regards,



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